Monday, June 28, 2004

my last full day

I spent my last full day here in St. Louis filling in the stuff that I couldn't do the first time around. I got to go up inside the arch today, with was truly a spectacular view. On the way up we had a little kid in the car with us who kept asking if we were there yet, which was annoying and also a little cool. After the arch we went back to the zoo so we could buy a shirt for Elyse, since we failed to find one at union station. Then it was off to the "loop," a street with hip restaurants and record stores where the college kids hand out. We saw some hippies. Then we left. We came back to the house and watched tv before leaving for Alison's Aunt Mary's house. I found her to be quite delightful. She was funny, quick witted and throughly enjoyable to listen to. Her kids sucked, but thats ok. Theyre just kids. I got to eat white castle for the first time, which tasted pretty much like a McDonalds hamburger with some onions on it. I have yet to be wowed by the food here, even after eating at a very expensive place across the street last night. Don't get me wrong, the food was good, but for the price, I really should have been given an orgasm. Ok, I'm done.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

day 3

Blog For anybody looking for a new car:
There is a car dealership here in St. Louis that was hit hard by a hailstorm. Every car in their lot was dented by the hail, and now they have to sell the dimpled cars on the cheap. Here is what I think, if you know that the hail in your area gets heavy enough to pound egg size divots into sheet metal, why wouldn't you park them inside, or under a big sheet, or better yet, why not just move to a part of the country that doesn't suck so hard.
On a lighter note, today we went to a bunch of places, including:
City Museum, which was cool.
The Arch, Which was big.
Union Station, which is not so much a station, like where trains stop, but more like a mall, where tourists stop. Sadly, it was our most enjoyable destination today.
On a travel un-related note, have you seen the kick ass new gameboy advance? It is shaped and colored like the old NES controlers. They have the old NES games like super mario brothers too. must have.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


My first day in St. Louis started off well. We went to the memorial for Alison's Grandma. The service was… well it is hard to find a adjective to describe something like that, for me at least. Maybe that's just because I’m dumb. To be honest, I just tried to describe the service and deleted my attempts like three times. It really was about celebrating a life and not mourning a loss. It was good. After the memorial, we did the traditional stuff, went to a small lunch, and then the zoo. Really.

I quite like the zoo here in St. Louis, the prairie dogs are my favorite, with the penguins coming in a close second. If anyone cares, I also like the hippos. And bunnies, and teddy bears, and puppy dogs and kitties.

Here's some more of my impressions of this city. The local newscast sucks, and makes me miss the high production value of LA television.

I bought a bag of chips in the grocery store today called Rap Snacks, it has pictures of rappers on the bag. Sweet.

Ok, I promised that I would talk more about the shower in the basement. I will. But First, let me begin by describing the house we are staying in. It is a small rectangular house in St. Louis, in a neighborhood called "The Hill", which is a pathetically small mound of dirt that maybe rises about five feet above the rest of this flat flat town. Downstairs, in the basement, is a shower that was built by hand when the one upstairs broke.

more later. While you are here, look at the pics from the trip.

Im here!

So my trip to STL (woop woop) went well. We only had to deal with one annoying pilot and only one of our planes needed to be jump-started. We first flew to phoenix international hell port, and it was over 100 there. I started to sweat as soon as I got off the plane. Lucky for us, we only had about enough time for me to buy a WIRED magazine and pee. The flight from there to St. Louis was pretty boring, and the fact that Alison slept on my shoulder the whole time and didn’t let me get the computer out and watch the “50 First Dates” DVD that we bought didn’t help. I got to see some big river, I don’t really know which one it was. Everything here is flat, and Steak n Shake does not taste all that good. To be sure, its good, but nothing that I couldn’t make on my own. It doesn’t have the fresh crispness or bold flavor that In n Out has, and their new two sided shake is rather gimmicky. Stay tuned for further updates, including a planned description of the basement shower that rocks. Also look for the new moblog pics.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Check it out

A picture of Alison's face:

The Spirit of St. Luis

The plane is in Washington, but hopefully the actual spirit of the city still exists. My fear is that, in the process of naming the plane, the spirit of the city became entombed within hull of the plane. We shall see when I travel to St. Luis this Friday, for a vacation/funeral. It is sure to be a grand time. Luckily, the funeral isn't really a funeral, but rather a "memorial" service that is supposed to be happy. What does this mean to me? It means that I can wear the same suit to both the service and to all the fancy restaurants that I'll be going to (most likely only one). Alison and me have been doing lots of shopping in preparation for this trip, which includes fixing up our squallerific apartment so that Elyse doesn't make fun of us.
In Conclusion: If I do find that St. Luis has had its spirit stolen, the only option is to go to the smithsonian and burn the plane, and thus free the spirit.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

My own website

Having my own website would definitly have some advantages. I could have my own email adress, and ditch the stupid one. Plus, I could host my own moblog and weblog from that site. The only thing that is stopping me, and has stopped me in the past, is the cost of hosting and domain registration. I really am not worried about anything else, and I think it would be a fun adventure. With hosting costs really coming down, I am begining to seriously consider it. I should get a hold of Cataldo and ask him about his server, maybe I could get some space there, but then again, I wouldnt want to have problems with it.
By the way, search for me (Stephen Nelson) on google and see that my blogger profile comes up as result number 21. Pretty good, I say, considering that there are 2,760,000 total results. To bad I havnt broken the into the first page though. Oh well.
Of course, its hard to beat number 1, which is what I rank when you search for "stephennelson." That takes you to my moblog. Funny, because that result takes you not to the homepage but to actual pictures inside the moblog. On google, the first result is the homepage, and the second result is the vandalized book spline I swear my friend martin did. On yahoo the first result is a picture of Armen and the second is my torn up bedroom door. Still, its neat. I even beat, which appears to be nothing. Too bad, I want that domain name if I sign up for some web hosting.
Search for "Stephen Nelson blog" in google, and guess what, I'm number 1 there! In your face every other steve out there. I guess thats enough about my search engine ranking.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


I went shopping today, and bought clothes at american eagle. So I can look like every other asshole. I also bought a hat. And a belt. It cost over two hundred dollars. Lucky for me, I didnt pay for it, because that would have pretty much wiped out my bank account. Because im broke.

Havent blogged in a while

I guess that I havent really had much to blog about in the last two days. Oh well. I went to the hooka bar with armen and the long lost Martin the other night. It was pretty cool, we smoked the hooka, had some tea, and I had to piss like a racehorse. After that we had to go buy martin cigarettes because he doesn't have any money. He bought parliment menthols, which, it seems, are full of fiberglass. MMM, tasty. Armen left early, and we sat in the parking lot for a while talking about his problems, which are interesting and involved, and which I may or may not elaborate upon here. Have you noticed that when I say I might do something chances are that I wont? Yeah, thats what I do. Heres a picture of Armen at the hooka bar. Notice the cloud of smoke behind him.

I still hate textamerica for not letting me change my site design. Bastards.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Morning Posting

I surfed around textamerica until 10:00, and now I have to leave for work. To make this quick, last night I was reminded of how much I hate wal mart, how much I love sleep, and how stupid it is to pay 25 cents per picture sent to my moblog.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Nobody cares

Why should anyone care about the stuff I did today? This is a rather crushing revelation, being as I have centered my online experience around documenting my daily life. Really, that is not unique or interesting. So, a change of plans may be in order.
All of this turmoil is due to an article I read about blogging which basically encouraged people to create material rather than comment on others stuff. Good advise I think, especially considering that I have been seriously considering giving up on the impractical dream of filmmaking in exchange for a life as a film critic. Thats a cop-out, i know, but its sure a hell of a lot easier.
It may be time to throw myself into the Salton Sea Project. A new blog maybe? Something big.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


Well well well, look who shows up on the map again. My dear friend ARMEN. I havent even spoken to him since I started this blog (or barely spoken to him at least). He said he was going to come by work and see me last week, didn'nt. Finally i get a text message from him today, and I told him about this site. He said it sucks, and wants me to bring back a website I started back in... high school? Early high school... or late jr. high... either way. The website was pretty much the first I had ever started, and it was all about hating armen. A few fragments from this site still exist, including this animated gif i made using a picture of armen from a yearbook:

So look for more armen hating stuff to re-appear on this blog. It will be the rebirth of someting grand.

On break at work

Yesterday, I took it upon myself to chip away some concrete that had gotten wet and hardened out by our sheds. It was making it hard to open the doors, so I figured why not just get rid of it? As a result, my arms hurt and i have some huge blisters on my right hand. It did feel good to get out and do some hard work though. The sun and wind felt good on my face.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Damn Dog

Roxy went a little nuts and ripped the paint off our bedroom door. It must have been cheap paint anyways. Grunt. I predict painting in my future.

Day after tomorrow

God damn did that movie suck. As usual, I am posting rather late in the evening, well, early morning I suppose. I just saw the latest blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow." Ugh. Talk about promoting an agenda. Really, I'm no conservative, but get real. This movie took on every liberal issue, and painted America, as usual, to be the globe's biggest bastard. The vice president is obviously Dick Chaney, looks just like him, and is a huge douchebag, and causes the deaths of millions of people by not listening to a screaming "climatologist." I guess it would be too blatant to get a guy that looks like Bush and have him act arrogant and dimwitted. This is besides the point. The movie takes on the following issues:

The homeless
Global Warming
The Environment

And so on. The movie is so seeping with leftist preaching that the coolest parts are totally lost in all the muck. The acting was also terrible, probably due to the clunky dialogue provided by the director/writer Roland Emmerich and the never before heard of Jeffrey Nachmanoff. To quote some science guy talking to a room full of science guys:
Well, the earth's weather is controlled by the sun.
Yes, all of us here know that.

Why would someone make such an obvious statment? These continue to occur all the way through the movie. I mean, come on, there has got to be a better way to inform the audience about the facts of weather without having the scientists make stupid comments to other scientists. At least, if you have to present facts this way, have a scientist tell that to his wife, or a stranger, or homeless person, anybody who might not already know.

The visual effects company they hired (digital domain, amoung others) did a fantastic job creating the digital landscapes of cities like New York and Los Angles, and it is extremely cool to watch tornados distroy downtown L.A. and kill annoying local TV personalities. The water effects are impressive, especially for their huge scale and amount of screen time. it just doesn't look fake. The compositing of actors into the vast CG landscapes also goes unnoticed. So big pat on the back to them.

However, one aspect of the computer work simply did not fly. Anyone who has seen the movie will be able to atest to the fast that the wolves look like crap. All digital from the first shot, it is clear that they are are not real. Credit this to overly comical and exaggerated models and poor animation. They look ok when they are running, and integrate well with the set, but they have stupid expressions and too much movement at times when they should be standing still. If you want to really get what I'm talking about, go see the movie. Also, be sure to look for the total crap recycled "Titanic" fake cold breath, which looks especially terrible in this movie.

Well, I'm tired of ranting about a stupid movie. Maybe if they made it more about the action and events and less about the partisan politics it would have been better. The characters are a let down, there are a few but not enough heros, and plently of good people just sit around and wait to die. Also, get rid of those god-awful retarded wolves. I read some other reviews, unfortunatly, after i saw the movie, and my remarks seem to be right on with most people. I hated this movie so much I'm going to give some links to actual film critics that hated it too (which would be everyone)

Seattle Times
Cinema Blend

My favorite quote: "Most of the movie is spent watching Jake Gyllenhaal shiver ominously next to Steve Urkel"

Friday, June 11, 2004

You know...

This really pisses me off. I signed up for a moblog from Then i changed the maximum picture size to 640 pixels. Hence, the pictures get cropped off by what i consider poor template design. In order to correct this problem, I would have to edit the css by hand, which I sat down to do today. Then, I found out that the site had made that feature a premium feature, meaning you now have to pay for it. That BLOWS. I am not going to PAY TO FIX THEIR MISTAKES. God...

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Oh, the wonderous things I did today.

I woke up lake. Screwed around the apartment. Cleaned the rats cage, which was filthy (I think they may have mites, in which case we have to bathe them in "cat safe" shampoo... whatever) and then I went to Mario's apartment in pasadena. Its looking much better than the last time i saw it, there arnt so many boxes laying around, and now they have a couch, which is good. Its the 200 dollar couch at IKEA, which, im sure, every college student is familiar with. I changed one of their outlets (their apartment has got to be at least 60 years old) and then they took me to Roscoes Chicken and Waffels. I ate chicken, and waffels. Now, just like Mario said, I have to poop something serious. Got a parking ticket, came home, went to wal mart, spent WAY too much money and then came home. Dont forget to check out the moblog.

Graphical Representation=


Thats right ladies and gentlemen, I was officially accepted into the Film Production Option in the department of Cinema and Television Arts at the California State University at Northridge.
"But I thought you were already in film school?"
Yeah, I was, and have been for two years. Its just that now they have decided that I'm actually good enough to be part of their "official" program. Its nice to know that the last two years of my life haven't been wasted.
However, as of now, I am ecstatic.
Look for a post featuring the portfolio that got me into film school at some point in the future.

No pants

I had a dream last night that I was at work with no pants on. I was helping customers and all that, trying to make sure that nobody noticed my lack of pants. And every time I got close to getting my pants back, something would get im my way. I dont think I had a shirt on either.

Glossy Phone

I put a glossy clear top coat on my phone yesterday. I still have mixed feelings about the colors and stuff, but i admit its cooler with the shine on it.


I am eating a tuna melt for breakfast. That is, whats left of last nights tuna melt, after Alison got her dirty hands on it...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Tonight she said: "I wish i were dumber, so I'd be happier."

Sad lonely guy

Tonight, me and alison went to this restauraunt on Mt. Baldy that we have been to a few times before. Its a small place with overpriced food and a fireplace. There was an old man sitting behind us, alone. He looked like all he had left was memories of how things used to be better. I decieded that i don't want to be alone like that when I get old.

The Starbucks mystery

So, two things about starbucks:
One, and this one probably applies to all starbucks, when you ask for chocolate on top, they dont call it chocolate when they give you the drink. They call it "mocha sauce," which i think is a little wierd. Over the top, even for starbucks.
Two, this one might only apply to the starbucks here in San Bernardino, but I want all the readers to look out for this at a starbucks near them. I was in the bathroom and noticed the letters "K9" (ok, letters and numbers) stickered up on the cabinet. The stickers were nice, like the ones you can use to put your address up on your house. Obviously someone had gone to great lengths (well, some length at least) to put them up. What I want to know is, Why?

New site meter

I added a counter to my blog. Im going to use it to verify the fact that no one visits this website.

Its the almost 2am blog!

Well, hey there reader. I am now all showered, and shaven, and my teeth are brushed. The only thing preventing me from going to bed it this unhealthy facination with this blog. Of course, Alison, my girlfriend, isnt helping matters. Also, the dog is running about with the Mouse toy we bought her at Wal Mart, where we are, shamefully, frequent shoppers. Hey, i need a hair cut, does anyone have any suggestions? Oh, thats right. There is nobody reading this, hence i will receive no suggestions. Tommorow, i think i will continue to try and find some almost bare breasts to put up on the moblog, since that is the only way to get some kind of popularity going. That, or be a cute girl who takes pictures of herself all day long ( It really is tragic to see that girl crying in a picture...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another post. Why? Dont ask.

Indeed. Dont ask. Went to work today. Worked, some. While I was there, I painted my cell phone. I changed it from beat up to hideous. Here is a picture of it:

So that was a big waste of time, and im sure that i will never ever be happy with it. On the bright side, i have yet to see any people modding their phones, so maybe im on the cutting edge of something. Of course, maybe i just havnt looked, which is still ok, since it will be interesting to see what i can come up with on my own. My previous attempts and modding stuff have, well, failed. I deceided to paint my computer red last summer, the only good that came out of that was a pretty sweet looking mouse. Maybe I will post a picture of that later. Im very proud of that one. of course the rest is crap. We will have to see about that phone... Would this blog be more interesting if it were all about cell phones? Yes. Who am I talking to? No one.

crescents are burned

I put some pillsbury crescents in the oven. Burned em.

Catching up

Now, I will put the posts from my last stupid blog into this, much better, blog. I know you want it. Here: Monday, June 07, 2004 Sigh. Just saw Troy. Actually, I didn't hate it. And it put me in a funny mood, right now I feel very lonely, missing Alison, even though she is in the room right next to me. Shes watching "Spirit, Stallion of the Chuberomiconabra" and her little giggles lead me to believe that she is enjoying it. It is time for a shower now, the heat is doing a number on my personal Hygene (how the hell do you spell that?) I feel like an old man, an old man who suddenly needs Gold Bond medicated powder. 2:13 AM - add eprops - add comments - email it Saturday, June 05, 2004 Yes sir, it its true. Already tired of being out of school. Between writing a stupid blog and starting my stupid moblogging (an expensive hobby), its clear that i am tring vey hard to fill up my day and stay busy. Yesterday wasn't much to speak of.... I go to show the edited Salton Sea footage that was completed by the class at Cal Poly. Besides some really embarrasing technical problems, it went well, i guess. So that was that. Finishing the project was tough, especially since I fell asleep at around 1 in the morning and had to finish it before 9:30 am the following day. After showing the video I ate lunch with Saul (his website) and went to work. All in all, pretty uneventful.I must admit, I find it difficult to write this knowing I have no audience. 12:31 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it Thursday, June 03, 2004 Check out the new moblog at 7:57 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it well, its officially day two of my blog experience, and officially this is the second time that i am typing this sentence. More on the reason later. I feel like this is kind of a test to see how long i can keep up with the whole web log thing. I'm not the type of person to have a weblog, especially one on a site that is designed to be used by 13 year old girls. Maybe someday in the future I will set up my own server and host my site from there. Of course, now that school is over and my work with the Cal Poly class is coming to an end, there will be plenty of time to do that sort of thing. By that sort of thing i mean pointless, time wasting things. Oh well. I am writing this from a computer lab on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona called Studio Six. It is a nice, high end kind of place that seems to be put to good use, even though the university doesn't really offer classes to teach the software they use up here. Its nice to see students doing some independent learning, kind of a change from the usual characters at Cal State Northridge where I go to film school. You can never escape inept managment though, the kids running the place up here seem to have lost the keys to the cabinet and can't check out any equiptment. No bother to me, that just means I have less people on my back, for the moment. If you dont know, the HTML code to insert a line break is "
" . needless to say, i like to use it 7:34 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it Well, im posting this post using my linux machine. I think that it is, how should i say, extremely stupid that i have to run three programs in Windows just to keep out all the viruses and spyware. I can do anything with linux that i can do with windows, and it runs on a machine that costs peanuts to build. Plus Linux is free! Free! By the way, anybody that doesnt know about linux can learn more here: and for beginners Well, that was a nerdy way to start off a blog... but hey, this might be a nerdy type deal all the way through. Just remember, every time your copy of Windows XP crashes, that you paid 89 bucks for it. Its like buying a book with paragraphs missing, and the publisher says, we will fix it in the next release. 4:01 AM - add eprops - add comments - email it

Getting Going with Blogging

Well hey. They didn't let me put the javascript into my actual posts, but i found out that it really is easy to mess around with the formatting of the actual blog, so now you can see the latest picture in my moblog right up there in the title thingy... hurah.

Monday, June 07, 2004

First Post on Blogger

THis is a test. I want to share my Moblog pictures with the world, but the last site didnt let me post the appropriate javascript. so, i will post it here, in my first post, just to find out.