Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another post. Why? Dont ask.

Indeed. Dont ask. Went to work today. Worked, some. While I was there, I painted my cell phone. I changed it from beat up to hideous. Here is a picture of it:

So that was a big waste of time, and im sure that i will never ever be happy with it. On the bright side, i have yet to see any people modding their phones, so maybe im on the cutting edge of something. Of course, maybe i just havnt looked, which is still ok, since it will be interesting to see what i can come up with on my own. My previous attempts and modding stuff have, well, failed. I deceided to paint my computer red last summer, the only good that came out of that was a pretty sweet looking mouse. Maybe I will post a picture of that later. Im very proud of that one. of course the rest is crap. We will have to see about that phone... Would this blog be more interesting if it were all about cell phones? Yes. Who am I talking to? No one.


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