Sunday, June 13, 2004


Well well well, look who shows up on the map again. My dear friend ARMEN. I havent even spoken to him since I started this blog (or barely spoken to him at least). He said he was going to come by work and see me last week, didn'nt. Finally i get a text message from him today, and I told him about this site. He said it sucks, and wants me to bring back a website I started back in... high school? Early high school... or late jr. high... either way. The website was pretty much the first I had ever started, and it was all about hating armen. A few fragments from this site still exist, including this animated gif i made using a picture of armen from a yearbook:

So look for more armen hating stuff to re-appear on this blog. It will be the rebirth of someting grand.


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