Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Catching up

Now, I will put the posts from my last stupid blog into this, much better, blog. I know you want it. Here: Monday, June 07, 2004 Sigh. Just saw Troy. Actually, I didn't hate it. And it put me in a funny mood, right now I feel very lonely, missing Alison, even though she is in the room right next to me. Shes watching "Spirit, Stallion of the Chuberomiconabra" and her little giggles lead me to believe that she is enjoying it. It is time for a shower now, the heat is doing a number on my personal Hygene (how the hell do you spell that?) I feel like an old man, an old man who suddenly needs Gold Bond medicated powder. 2:13 AM - add eprops - add comments - email it Saturday, June 05, 2004 Yes sir, it its true. Already tired of being out of school. Between writing a stupid blog and starting my stupid moblogging (an expensive hobby), its clear that i am tring vey hard to fill up my day and stay busy. Yesterday wasn't much to speak of.... I go to show the edited Salton Sea footage that was completed by the class at Cal Poly. Besides some really embarrasing technical problems, it went well, i guess. So that was that. Finishing the project was tough, especially since I fell asleep at around 1 in the morning and had to finish it before 9:30 am the following day. After showing the video I ate lunch with Saul (his website) and went to work. All in all, pretty uneventful.I must admit, I find it difficult to write this knowing I have no audience. 12:31 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it Thursday, June 03, 2004 Check out the new moblog at http://stephennelson.textamerica.com/ 7:57 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it well, its officially day two of my blog experience, and officially this is the second time that i am typing this sentence. More on the reason later. I feel like this is kind of a test to see how long i can keep up with the whole web log thing. I'm not the type of person to have a weblog, especially one on a site that is designed to be used by 13 year old girls. Maybe someday in the future I will set up my own server and host my site from there. Of course, now that school is over and my work with the Cal Poly class is coming to an end, there will be plenty of time to do that sort of thing. By that sort of thing i mean pointless, time wasting things. Oh well. I am writing this from a computer lab on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona called Studio Six. It is a nice, high end kind of place that seems to be put to good use, even though the university doesn't really offer classes to teach the software they use up here. Its nice to see students doing some independent learning, kind of a change from the usual characters at Cal State Northridge where I go to film school. You can never escape inept managment though, the kids running the place up here seem to have lost the keys to the cabinet and can't check out any equiptment. No bother to me, that just means I have less people on my back, for the moment. If you dont know, the HTML code to insert a line break is "
" . needless to say, i like to use it 7:34 PM - add eprops - add comments - email it Well, im posting this post using my linux machine. I think that it is, how should i say, extremely stupid that i have to run three programs in Windows just to keep out all the viruses and spyware. I can do anything with linux that i can do with windows, and it runs on a machine that costs peanuts to build. Plus Linux is free! Free! By the way, anybody that doesnt know about linux can learn more here: linux.org and Linuxlinks.org for beginners Well, that was a nerdy way to start off a blog... but hey, this might be a nerdy type deal all the way through. Just remember, every time your copy of Windows XP crashes, that you paid 89 bucks for it. Its like buying a book with paragraphs missing, and the publisher says, we will fix it in the next release. 4:01 AM - add eprops - add comments - email it


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