Sunday, June 27, 2004

day 3

Blog For anybody looking for a new car:
There is a car dealership here in St. Louis that was hit hard by a hailstorm. Every car in their lot was dented by the hail, and now they have to sell the dimpled cars on the cheap. Here is what I think, if you know that the hail in your area gets heavy enough to pound egg size divots into sheet metal, why wouldn't you park them inside, or under a big sheet, or better yet, why not just move to a part of the country that doesn't suck so hard.
On a lighter note, today we went to a bunch of places, including:
City Museum, which was cool.
The Arch, Which was big.
Union Station, which is not so much a station, like where trains stop, but more like a mall, where tourists stop. Sadly, it was our most enjoyable destination today.
On a travel un-related note, have you seen the kick ass new gameboy advance? It is shaped and colored like the old NES controlers. They have the old NES games like super mario brothers too. must have.


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