Saturday, June 12, 2004

Day after tomorrow

God damn did that movie suck. As usual, I am posting rather late in the evening, well, early morning I suppose. I just saw the latest blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow." Ugh. Talk about promoting an agenda. Really, I'm no conservative, but get real. This movie took on every liberal issue, and painted America, as usual, to be the globe's biggest bastard. The vice president is obviously Dick Chaney, looks just like him, and is a huge douchebag, and causes the deaths of millions of people by not listening to a screaming "climatologist." I guess it would be too blatant to get a guy that looks like Bush and have him act arrogant and dimwitted. This is besides the point. The movie takes on the following issues:

The homeless
Global Warming
The Environment

And so on. The movie is so seeping with leftist preaching that the coolest parts are totally lost in all the muck. The acting was also terrible, probably due to the clunky dialogue provided by the director/writer Roland Emmerich and the never before heard of Jeffrey Nachmanoff. To quote some science guy talking to a room full of science guys:
Well, the earth's weather is controlled by the sun.
Yes, all of us here know that.

Why would someone make such an obvious statment? These continue to occur all the way through the movie. I mean, come on, there has got to be a better way to inform the audience about the facts of weather without having the scientists make stupid comments to other scientists. At least, if you have to present facts this way, have a scientist tell that to his wife, or a stranger, or homeless person, anybody who might not already know.

The visual effects company they hired (digital domain, amoung others) did a fantastic job creating the digital landscapes of cities like New York and Los Angles, and it is extremely cool to watch tornados distroy downtown L.A. and kill annoying local TV personalities. The water effects are impressive, especially for their huge scale and amount of screen time. it just doesn't look fake. The compositing of actors into the vast CG landscapes also goes unnoticed. So big pat on the back to them.

However, one aspect of the computer work simply did not fly. Anyone who has seen the movie will be able to atest to the fast that the wolves look like crap. All digital from the first shot, it is clear that they are are not real. Credit this to overly comical and exaggerated models and poor animation. They look ok when they are running, and integrate well with the set, but they have stupid expressions and too much movement at times when they should be standing still. If you want to really get what I'm talking about, go see the movie. Also, be sure to look for the total crap recycled "Titanic" fake cold breath, which looks especially terrible in this movie.

Well, I'm tired of ranting about a stupid movie. Maybe if they made it more about the action and events and less about the partisan politics it would have been better. The characters are a let down, there are a few but not enough heros, and plently of good people just sit around and wait to die. Also, get rid of those god-awful retarded wolves. I read some other reviews, unfortunatly, after i saw the movie, and my remarks seem to be right on with most people. I hated this movie so much I'm going to give some links to actual film critics that hated it too (which would be everyone)

Seattle Times
Cinema Blend

My favorite quote: "Most of the movie is spent watching Jake Gyllenhaal shiver ominously next to Steve Urkel"


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