Saturday, June 26, 2004

Im here!

So my trip to STL (woop woop) went well. We only had to deal with one annoying pilot and only one of our planes needed to be jump-started. We first flew to phoenix international hell port, and it was over 100 there. I started to sweat as soon as I got off the plane. Lucky for us, we only had about enough time for me to buy a WIRED magazine and pee. The flight from there to St. Louis was pretty boring, and the fact that Alison slept on my shoulder the whole time and didn’t let me get the computer out and watch the “50 First Dates” DVD that we bought didn’t help. I got to see some big river, I don’t really know which one it was. Everything here is flat, and Steak n Shake does not taste all that good. To be sure, its good, but nothing that I couldn’t make on my own. It doesn’t have the fresh crispness or bold flavor that In n Out has, and their new two sided shake is rather gimmicky. Stay tuned for further updates, including a planned description of the basement shower that rocks. Also look for the new moblog pics.


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