Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Its the almost 2am blog!

Well, hey there reader. I am now all showered, and shaven, and my teeth are brushed. The only thing preventing me from going to bed it this unhealthy facination with this blog. Of course, Alison, my girlfriend, isnt helping matters. Also, the dog is running about with the Mouse toy we bought her at Wal Mart, where we are, shamefully, frequent shoppers. Hey, i need a hair cut, does anyone have any suggestions? Oh, thats right. There is nobody reading this, hence i will receive no suggestions. Tommorow, i think i will continue to try and find some almost bare breasts to put up on the moblog, since that is the only way to get some kind of popularity going. That, or be a cute girl who takes pictures of herself all day long ( It really is tragic to see that girl crying in a picture...


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