Monday, June 28, 2004

my last full day

I spent my last full day here in St. Louis filling in the stuff that I couldn't do the first time around. I got to go up inside the arch today, with was truly a spectacular view. On the way up we had a little kid in the car with us who kept asking if we were there yet, which was annoying and also a little cool. After the arch we went back to the zoo so we could buy a shirt for Elyse, since we failed to find one at union station. Then it was off to the "loop," a street with hip restaurants and record stores where the college kids hand out. We saw some hippies. Then we left. We came back to the house and watched tv before leaving for Alison's Aunt Mary's house. I found her to be quite delightful. She was funny, quick witted and throughly enjoyable to listen to. Her kids sucked, but thats ok. Theyre just kids. I got to eat white castle for the first time, which tasted pretty much like a McDonalds hamburger with some onions on it. I have yet to be wowed by the food here, even after eating at a very expensive place across the street last night. Don't get me wrong, the food was good, but for the price, I really should have been given an orgasm. Ok, I'm done.


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