Sunday, June 20, 2004

My own website

Having my own website would definitly have some advantages. I could have my own email adress, and ditch the stupid one. Plus, I could host my own moblog and weblog from that site. The only thing that is stopping me, and has stopped me in the past, is the cost of hosting and domain registration. I really am not worried about anything else, and I think it would be a fun adventure. With hosting costs really coming down, I am begining to seriously consider it. I should get a hold of Cataldo and ask him about his server, maybe I could get some space there, but then again, I wouldnt want to have problems with it.
By the way, search for me (Stephen Nelson) on google and see that my blogger profile comes up as result number 21. Pretty good, I say, considering that there are 2,760,000 total results. To bad I havnt broken the into the first page though. Oh well.
Of course, its hard to beat number 1, which is what I rank when you search for "stephennelson." That takes you to my moblog. Funny, because that result takes you not to the homepage but to actual pictures inside the moblog. On google, the first result is the homepage, and the second result is the vandalized book spline I swear my friend martin did. On yahoo the first result is a picture of Armen and the second is my torn up bedroom door. Still, its neat. I even beat, which appears to be nothing. Too bad, I want that domain name if I sign up for some web hosting.
Search for "Stephen Nelson blog" in google, and guess what, I'm number 1 there! In your face every other steve out there. I guess thats enough about my search engine ranking.


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