Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Starbucks mystery

So, two things about starbucks:
One, and this one probably applies to all starbucks, when you ask for chocolate on top, they dont call it chocolate when they give you the drink. They call it "mocha sauce," which i think is a little wierd. Over the top, even for starbucks.
Two, this one might only apply to the starbucks here in San Bernardino, but I want all the readers to look out for this at a starbucks near them. I was in the bathroom and noticed the letters "K9" (ok, letters and numbers) stickered up on the cabinet. The stickers were nice, like the ones you can use to put your address up on your house. Obviously someone had gone to great lengths (well, some length at least) to put them up. What I want to know is, Why?


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