Saturday, June 26, 2004


My first day in St. Louis started off well. We went to the memorial for Alison's Grandma. The service was… well it is hard to find a adjective to describe something like that, for me at least. Maybe that's just because I’m dumb. To be honest, I just tried to describe the service and deleted my attempts like three times. It really was about celebrating a life and not mourning a loss. It was good. After the memorial, we did the traditional stuff, went to a small lunch, and then the zoo. Really.

I quite like the zoo here in St. Louis, the prairie dogs are my favorite, with the penguins coming in a close second. If anyone cares, I also like the hippos. And bunnies, and teddy bears, and puppy dogs and kitties.

Here's some more of my impressions of this city. The local newscast sucks, and makes me miss the high production value of LA television.

I bought a bag of chips in the grocery store today called Rap Snacks, it has pictures of rappers on the bag. Sweet.

Ok, I promised that I would talk more about the shower in the basement. I will. But First, let me begin by describing the house we are staying in. It is a small rectangular house in St. Louis, in a neighborhood called "The Hill", which is a pathetically small mound of dirt that maybe rises about five feet above the rest of this flat flat town. Downstairs, in the basement, is a shower that was built by hand when the one upstairs broke.

more later. While you are here, look at the pics from the trip.


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