Thursday, July 29, 2004


Alison and I spent most of the day yesterday painting her room. Its too bad I didnt take a picture of the room before we started painting, but oh well. Right now the room is a chocolate brown with light yellow on top, but we are going to glaze the walls and make the colors more like orange and red. Sounds ugly, and right now, it kind of is, but soon i think it will be nice. Im watching a french movie called "The Housekeeper" with an actress named Émilie Dequenne. The movie reminds me of Lost in Translation, with a hot girl put on display for the rest of us to enjoy, while an old guy tries to keep up with her. The girl is very cute in the movie until she cuts her hair. Now, its ruined for me, and I have to go to work.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


so, the rss feed on my site that displays the news articles from is putting pop-ups on my page. Whatever, deal with it, Im not getting rid of it.


I listened to a rap station yesterday on the way to my new apartment. I like rap, I really do. But lately, it seems like every song since Eminem produced the remix with tupac and biggie has had a singing girl that sounds like a chipmonk. I swear, no less than three of the songs during the "new at two" segment had this aweful chipmonk sound. Why can't rappers just remix a song like they did in the good old days? A remix or a sample just ment the rapper just played an old song he didn't own, while adding a few lines and a bass track of his own. Now they have to speed everything up like they think squeeky voices are hot on the street.
Now I don't want to look like I hate rap, actually I heard two songs that I liked on the way in to Northridge. Then I heard both of them again on the way to Mario's apartment, and again on the way home.
Speaking of Mario, he now has a burly motorcycle rider living in his apartment. This is a long story, so it is best suited to be told as a run-on sentence. Here it goes:
Christina has a friend that she met in Santa Barbara, a filipino whose parents arranged a marrage for her, and this girl met a guy on the internet who came down to meet her for the first time and when her parents saw him they kicked her out of their house and his motorcycle broke and he cant buy a new one to go home because he is also broke, and he has only met this girl that christina knows two days ago and found out about the arranged marrige only yesterday so now he and the girl are staying with Mario and Christina, and oh yeah, he doesn't go to school and has a lot of tatoos.

Monday, July 26, 2004

real men

For years, I have been seeing ads telling me what real men do. Real men eat rare meat. Real men wear boxers. Real men don't cry. I remember once seeing a billboard with michael jordan on it that said "Real men don't need porn." Yesterday, I discovered another activity that makes men more manly. Yesterday, the coffee pot at ace broke. A new pot costs $16, while a new coffee maker costs $18. That is totally ridiculus in itself, but the bottom line was i didn't want to pay for either. I looked at the cracked glass on the pot, which not only had a long crack around the bottom but also a sizeable hole. I figured I could fix this hole, and chose the industrial liquid welding material J-B Weld. The back of the package tells of a man who fixed the engine block of his 16 ton crane with J-B Weld. I patched the glass pot, and drank away. However, I did put some very un-manly French Vanilla creamer in my coffee.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

must-see movies

Must see movies I have seen lately:
I am watching, as i blog, a movie called Federal Protection. I really dont know what it is about, but I just saw a girl in nylons and a latex top kill a man by stabbing into his forehead with the heel of her shoe, after having pushed another man out of a window. This alone warrents a viewing.
In this movie, which came out the same year as The Pianist, Adrien Brody plays a shy loser who really wants to be a ventriloquist. Well directed, the movie is entertaining and easy to grasp (for example, Steve, Brody's character, as pictures of famous ventriloquists on the wall in his bedroom. This is not a bad thing. Its... kind of cool). This movie also has the girl from 5th element, although her character is very annoying.
Six Ways to Sunday
Another Brody film, this one is just real creepy and wierd. Complete with murder, drugs, strippers, mother/son incest and imaginary friends that urge the main character to pillage and plunder. A wonderful movie with a sweet, yet totally fucked up ending, leaves you feeling satisfied, happy, and a little ill.
I, Robot
You know you want to see it. Just go.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

apartment stuff

here is a overhead picture of my apartment, taken by a russian spy camera.

I added some helpful commentary too.

A list of places near the apartment:
Panda Express
Carl's Jr.
the god-aweful Chinese Buffet

Friday, July 23, 2004

how will i?

How am i going to blog from the bathroom when I move into my new old apartment when I wont have alisons laptop? This is a question that has really been bothering me, for like the last 1.5 minutes.
would you like to hear more about this mess?
I got an apartment back in northridge. It happens to be the same apartment building that I lived in during my freshman year. As a matter of fact, it is exactly the same apartment. This is both cool and creepy, and as of yet, I havn't been able to deceide if it is more creepier than cool, or more cooler than creepy. I have big plans for this apartment, most of which i probably will fail to execute. I do wish that I had done a better job of keeping the place nice when I was there. more on this later, for now, south park is on and I am fucking watching.


cup-o-noodle haiku:
this cup-o-noodle
it offers no nutrition
tasty; hardly food

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

sitting in the bathroom

here I am, with horrible indigestion. That is a fancy word for poopy farty misery, accompanied by an upset tummy. Perhaps my pain is due to the fact that our satellite was installed today, not between the hours of 8 and 12 in the morning, but between 1:30 and 4:00 in the afternoon. Makes me miss the good old days of being a reckless digital pirate, theiving the signal and enjoying hour upon hour of free premium channels and all forms of television entertainment. That was truly a fufilling TV experience. All the hard work of hacking, the payoff of free TV, the excitment, the challenge, the constant battle between "Dave" (the head of security at Directv) and us, the hackers, sitting on the fringe, ducking and dodging the electronic countermeasures sent down the stream by the evil corperation. Of course, my whole participation in that community consists of a handfull of posts on dssbuzz during the last six months of free directv, and a whole lot of downloading others hard work. Still, watching TV when you know there is a danger involved it totally fun. Being part of a badass community of people operating in a moral grey zone (how do you "steal" a signal that is simply being shot out all over north america? And it's not like we are stealing as a replacement for paying, it's either steal or nothing, right? Sure) who pour hours upon hours of research into this satillite thing, just so the world can enjoy the spice network for free, no one can deny the sexy outlaw feeling. anyway, for now, those days are over (with directv at least). You can still steal "charlie," or Dish Network, but it just doesnt seem as fun.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

lots of new stuff

man, there is a lot for me to cover. We should be getting satellite today. I should be job hunting today, and I should be working on these videos today. Instead, I am just browsing the internet.

Friday, July 09, 2004

New kids on the Blog

Well, I think I was pretty sucessful in freshing up the look of my blog. Not only did I arrange everything in its own little box, I also added an RSS feed from a real geeky magizine, WIRED. Now my blog can be your source for online news. Since its not the source of anything else.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ol' Salty

I had a good day today at the salton sea. I went down with Van and Saul, and we got a few interesting interviews. Unfortunatly I didnt take any pictures for the moblog, but if I get aroung to it i will post some from the video tape. It would be kinda cool to have a website where I could continually post rough cuts and raw material from the project, and the whole world would get to see how the thing came together. Unfortunatly that means paying for web hosting. Maybe I can get something from Cal Poly though, that would be nice. Anywho, good times. One man said of the salton sea, "It's God's waiting room."

Fourth of July?

Fucking Boring

Saw Spiderman 2-Fucking Sucked.

Blogging about something that happened 4 days ago-Fucking Lameass

Friday, July 02, 2004

so im a shitty blogger

So what, are you going to sue me? I am a bad blogger. Ok, fine.

Lets get everything up to speed:

I made it home from St. Louis without incident. I brought my pocket knife on the plane with me both times, and nobody seemed to care. I told alison I should have stabbed someone.

We tried to see Napolean Dynomite, but it was sold out. crap. Oh well, its an MTV movie anyway.

We went ice blocking with alisons friends patrice and emily. that was fun, amusment for the night, anyway. Alison says I was being creepy.

Alison and Courtney got in a fight at work. Two months of silent boiling hatred from both sides exploded into a verbal outburst during closing time yesterday. My dad told them to wait until the customers had left. Alison held her own, and didnt let courtney gain any ground. says alison: "Courtney Sucks."

I am going to have a meeting with Saul and Van wednesday to talk about the salton sea project, which hopefully doesnt die on us.

says alison: "Why are you so lazy? You just glaze over entire days. That was an exciting event. I fight with courtney and all I get is two sentences?"
For being mean, I shall punish her by posting this pic:

Well, that about wraps it up, I think.

Oh yeah, the rats have mites I think, and require a bath in "cat safe" mite shampoo. That'll be a real kick in the pantseat.