Sunday, July 25, 2004

must-see movies

Must see movies I have seen lately:
I am watching, as i blog, a movie called Federal Protection. I really dont know what it is about, but I just saw a girl in nylons and a latex top kill a man by stabbing into his forehead with the heel of her shoe, after having pushed another man out of a window. This alone warrents a viewing.
In this movie, which came out the same year as The Pianist, Adrien Brody plays a shy loser who really wants to be a ventriloquist. Well directed, the movie is entertaining and easy to grasp (for example, Steve, Brody's character, as pictures of famous ventriloquists on the wall in his bedroom. This is not a bad thing. Its... kind of cool). This movie also has the girl from 5th element, although her character is very annoying.
Six Ways to Sunday
Another Brody film, this one is just real creepy and wierd. Complete with murder, drugs, strippers, mother/son incest and imaginary friends that urge the main character to pillage and plunder. A wonderful movie with a sweet, yet totally fucked up ending, leaves you feeling satisfied, happy, and a little ill.
I, Robot
You know you want to see it. Just go.


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