Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I listened to a rap station yesterday on the way to my new apartment. I like rap, I really do. But lately, it seems like every song since Eminem produced the remix with tupac and biggie has had a singing girl that sounds like a chipmonk. I swear, no less than three of the songs during the "new at two" segment had this aweful chipmonk sound. Why can't rappers just remix a song like they did in the good old days? A remix or a sample just ment the rapper just played an old song he didn't own, while adding a few lines and a bass track of his own. Now they have to speed everything up like they think squeeky voices are hot on the street.
Now I don't want to look like I hate rap, actually I heard two songs that I liked on the way in to Northridge. Then I heard both of them again on the way to Mario's apartment, and again on the way home.
Speaking of Mario, he now has a burly motorcycle rider living in his apartment. This is a long story, so it is best suited to be told as a run-on sentence. Here it goes:
Christina has a friend that she met in Santa Barbara, a filipino whose parents arranged a marrage for her, and this girl met a guy on the internet who came down to meet her for the first time and when her parents saw him they kicked her out of their house and his motorcycle broke and he cant buy a new one to go home because he is also broke, and he has only met this girl that christina knows two days ago and found out about the arranged marrige only yesterday so now he and the girl are staying with Mario and Christina, and oh yeah, he doesn't go to school and has a lot of tatoos.


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