Monday, July 26, 2004

real men

For years, I have been seeing ads telling me what real men do. Real men eat rare meat. Real men wear boxers. Real men don't cry. I remember once seeing a billboard with michael jordan on it that said "Real men don't need porn." Yesterday, I discovered another activity that makes men more manly. Yesterday, the coffee pot at ace broke. A new pot costs $16, while a new coffee maker costs $18. That is totally ridiculus in itself, but the bottom line was i didn't want to pay for either. I looked at the cracked glass on the pot, which not only had a long crack around the bottom but also a sizeable hole. I figured I could fix this hole, and chose the industrial liquid welding material J-B Weld. The back of the package tells of a man who fixed the engine block of his 16 ton crane with J-B Weld. I patched the glass pot, and drank away. However, I did put some very un-manly French Vanilla creamer in my coffee.


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