Friday, July 02, 2004

so im a shitty blogger

So what, are you going to sue me? I am a bad blogger. Ok, fine.

Lets get everything up to speed:

I made it home from St. Louis without incident. I brought my pocket knife on the plane with me both times, and nobody seemed to care. I told alison I should have stabbed someone.

We tried to see Napolean Dynomite, but it was sold out. crap. Oh well, its an MTV movie anyway.

We went ice blocking with alisons friends patrice and emily. that was fun, amusment for the night, anyway. Alison says I was being creepy.

Alison and Courtney got in a fight at work. Two months of silent boiling hatred from both sides exploded into a verbal outburst during closing time yesterday. My dad told them to wait until the customers had left. Alison held her own, and didnt let courtney gain any ground. says alison: "Courtney Sucks."

I am going to have a meeting with Saul and Van wednesday to talk about the salton sea project, which hopefully doesnt die on us.

says alison: "Why are you so lazy? You just glaze over entire days. That was an exciting event. I fight with courtney and all I get is two sentences?"
For being mean, I shall punish her by posting this pic:

Well, that about wraps it up, I think.

Oh yeah, the rats have mites I think, and require a bath in "cat safe" mite shampoo. That'll be a real kick in the pantseat.


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