Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Alison Bought It

The sexy spyder. I got to drive it around some, and it is really pretty sweet. A blast to drive actually. We couldn't figure out where the button was to roll the windows down, but we did take the top off, and that was totally cool. I drove fast, scared alison a little. She was actually quite cool about it, pretty much the only thing she said was "Just remember, this is the only nice thing I have ever owned."

second week of classes and alisons car

Not exactly starting off with a bang, but you know...
My first class was apparently canceled, so I heard at least when I got there, could have all been a ploy to get dropped from the class, but who knows, right? I guess thats what I get from signing up to have a class with the department head, who is obviously too busy to hold class.
This is some news I have been falling behind on
Alison is, I believe, going to buy a Toyota Mr2 Spyder today. We went car shopping yesterday, and she test drove one. It's a neat little car, a four-cylinder with the engine mounted in the rear. Good car for the price, if a little impractical (but then , who would want a practical two seater?)
The car doesnt have much in the way of storage either, as these pictures show, but overall, I'm sure she will like it, and I'm sure I will like sitting in it!
Exciting stuff, huh? I'd put some pictures of the car on the moblog but my phone hasn't been charging up.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Listening to:

The Leo Laporte show on KFI

What I had for dinner last night

I went to the store (Vons) and bought meself a nice new york stake, and a bottle of steak sauce. I cooked it up on the gas grill at the apartment complex, and it was tasty.

got a call

Alison called me from ace today, which made me happy. So that answers a lot of questions I had, not just about what the deal with her was but also what my feelings toward the whole situation were.

Friday, August 27, 2004


I trying calling her tonight, and her phone was off. We had quite a fight, and I am not sure about us. I will try again tomorrow.

The pain and glory at Wal Mart

What is the draw of Wal-Mart? The endless aisles of low price sub quality merchandise? The throngs of economically challenged singe mothers, cat owners and veterans? Perhaps the lack of sales associates, all replaced by blue vest clad cart pushers, moving items from one place to another in an unimaginitive attempt to appear busy. I HATE FUCKING WAL-MART.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

no wires

I bought a wireless keyboard at the school bookstore today. Now, I can blog from the couch.

why yes, it has been a while

I dont really know why, but to me it seems that every post i make on my blog has some sort of comment reguarding how long it has been ince the last post. For this I apologise.
Having said that, it is time to get down to buisness.
I am back here in northridge. My new apartment is turning out pretty sweet, if you were wondering. See for yourself
My first semester in film school has officially begun. I like the classes that i have had so far, especially the energetic Professor Nate Thomas. I am seriously considering starting a new blog, a place where I can help students trying to get into the film program here at CSUN.
My geology class experience has generally been a drag so far. The professor from the class that i want to add will not show up until next week, which means I have to endure another class session with the boring, chubby, italian, makes a lot of noise when he breathes through his nose Alessandro Grippo. Be sure to look at his awesome website from here at northridge, it is fun and informative! Also dont miss this super Grippo mosaic from his USC website.
I am begining to feel like Northridge is a place where unsuccessful graduates of various programs at USC go to eek out a living after failing to get a job in the real industry they studied so hard to get into.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Catch up before the trip

I have to catch up on everything before I go river rafting tomorrow. I bought kill bill vol. 2 before its supposed release date. so that was cool. I saw Napolian Dynomite and was bored by it. I saw The Village and liked it. I saw Collateral and LOVED it. Alison saw someone and said the following:
Look, a fat girl making a collect call.
It was... Funny.
I need to look up the person that sings the song that goes "the world it full of beautiful things"

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Salton Sea Stuff

I wrote this: In the middle of a thousand craggy rocks, palm trees and arid loners, the Salton Sea patiently laps against the sun bleached shores. Blue and white crests shimmer across its grand expanse, from a distance the Sea looks like a glorious watering hole, worth the journey through the empty terrible desert. Up close, disintegrated dreams fill the scenery, the pervasive illusion of an oasis completely overwhelmed by despair. A teardrop on the wrinkled face of an ancient desert, the Sea takes pride in performing its duty as the deserts badge of failure, a monument to stupidity and miscalculation, it’s dignity shriveled up on the shore, next to the fish, the birds, and the hope of man. thats it