Tuesday, August 31, 2004

second week of classes and alisons car

Not exactly starting off with a bang, but you know...
My first class was apparently canceled, so I heard at least when I got there, could have all been a ploy to get dropped from the class, but who knows, right? I guess thats what I get from signing up to have a class with the department head, who is obviously too busy to hold class.
This is some news I have been falling behind on
Alison is, I believe, going to buy a Toyota Mr2 Spyder today. We went car shopping yesterday, and she test drove one. It's a neat little car, a four-cylinder with the engine mounted in the rear. Good car for the price, if a little impractical (but then , who would want a practical two seater?)
The car doesnt have much in the way of storage either, as these pictures show, but overall, I'm sure she will like it, and I'm sure I will like sitting in it!
Exciting stuff, huh? I'd put some pictures of the car on the moblog but my phone hasn't been charging up.


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