Wednesday, August 25, 2004

why yes, it has been a while

I dont really know why, but to me it seems that every post i make on my blog has some sort of comment reguarding how long it has been ince the last post. For this I apologise.
Having said that, it is time to get down to buisness.
I am back here in northridge. My new apartment is turning out pretty sweet, if you were wondering. See for yourself
My first semester in film school has officially begun. I like the classes that i have had so far, especially the energetic Professor Nate Thomas. I am seriously considering starting a new blog, a place where I can help students trying to get into the film program here at CSUN.
My geology class experience has generally been a drag so far. The professor from the class that i want to add will not show up until next week, which means I have to endure another class session with the boring, chubby, italian, makes a lot of noise when he breathes through his nose Alessandro Grippo. Be sure to look at his awesome website from here at northridge, it is fun and informative! Also dont miss this super Grippo mosaic from his USC website.
I am begining to feel like Northridge is a place where unsuccessful graduates of various programs at USC go to eek out a living after failing to get a job in the real industry they studied so hard to get into.


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