Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Editors Pick

At textamerica I have been featured as an editors pick. Thats right bitches.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

"Hero" with Jet Lee

A still from the scene that made me cry.
This picture doesn't do it justice.
Imagine that the red and yellow
are the brightest most vivid colors
that have ever existed, thats what I saw.

I saw "Hero" starring Jet Lee. It was incredible. It was emotionally one of the most demanding movies I think I have ever seen on the big screen. By the end, after all the imagery and scenery, women and men in love and elegant passonate fighting, and the colors, I was exhausted. I believe that I saw colors in that movie that I had never seen before in my life. It was so beautiful, I teared up. I am not sure how the fighting stacks up to other movies in that genere, and for that matter the moral content was somehow simplistic and thick, hard to follow, at the same time. Clearly the moral statement of the movie was that individual sacrifice is noble and necessary for the greater good of the world. However, the movie definitly takes the high road arriving at this conclusion, and the audience feels somewhat betrayed by the ending. Obviously, given the circumstances and morality that the film is based on, there is no other possible ending, but one of the films weaknesses is that it takes a while to accept the end, in other words, it should be a feeling of completion and satisfaction that the audience experiences when they discover the fate of the "hero" but rather it is quite sad, at least at first.
Anyway, after that long ass post, I will do my customary thing and read some other reviews now that I have written mine, and post them below.

"You can feel the movie's sensibility and its powerful emotions in every aching image, which leaves you so caught up in these ancient times, you're loath to return to present- day normalcy." -- Desson Thomson, WASHINGTON POST
"Led by director Zhang Yimou and dazzling cinematographer Christopher Doyle, the unseen Hero production team has made what just might be the most artistically sophisticated, most formally beautiful martial arts film the genre has seen." -- Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES
Read more here. An incredibly high 95% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, an 8.3 out of 10. This is the only link you need.

Blog surfing

Ive been checking out that little button on the top right hand side of the screen that says "next blog." It was very interesting, but I read very few of the blogs. Maybe I would scan the first few lines, but not much more than that. There were a few in languages I didn't even recognize. There were some very, very ugly ones. Some people just should not mess with CSS. I would link to them, but why don't you just click that little button and browse? Just for an example, a french blog I saw had this title: "(Totem Consult) > We make your Internet profitable."

workday wrapup

I have my job orientation at Wal Mart tommorow.
I got a call to be the key-grip on a senior film project shooting this month.
I got a job offer (not exactly, but it was a nice flattering call anyway) for being an assistant lab tech in the digital media lab at Cal Poly Pomona.
I am broke.
Alison got in a large fight with her dad.
Alison still likes her car.
I still like her car.
I miss Alison.
I miss Roxy.
I am fine.
Im done.

I am amazed.

Truly shocked, even. There have been multiple visits to my blog from people who mispell the title for the movie "Napoleon Dynomite." In a previous post of mine, I had spelled the title "Napolian Dynomite," which seems to be an uncommon mistake, because my page is fourth on the list at yahoo. I got some other odd referals from search engines, a hit from alta vista for the term "waffle," a hit from yahoo for "roscoes chicken and waffles," a google hit for "cup-o-noodles" and a yahoo hit for "hooka bar." Cool stuff. I should spell things wrong more oftem.

yes I did spell often wrong on purpose.

Why make a title

I mean, really, what is the point of giving a title to a post that is going to be covering so many topics? I, as the blog-monger, have the power to choose not to title this post. I have the power to deny a title to any, or every, post. I am the supreme god of this blog, and around here.